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New Dmb Gel Overlays Fitted


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Well ordered my gel overlays on sunday they arrived this morning and are now looking good on the car :)

post-37742-0-05867500-1366889753_thumb.j steering wheel before

post-37742-0-09978200-1366889795_thumb.j steering wheel after

post-37742-0-33315100-1366889825_thumb.j front before

post-37742-0-14219000-1366889873_thumb.j front after

post-37742-0-34096200-1366889906_thumb.j rear

£15 well spent i think :)

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looking good Dom, well worth the moeny as it transforms the look of the car for me

Deffo mate haha before i was finished putting them on i was grinning from ear to ear haha

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Do your wheel centres the same realy sets it off i,ve got the same colour done them all round looks the biz

Yer gunna be doing them aswell like just need yo measure the cap to see what size to get

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