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Facelift 1.0 125 - How Is It?


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Good afternoon guys and gals,

Just wondering what people think of the 1.0 125 engine in the new Fiesta, looking at the specs it looks to good to be true, 0-62 in 9.9 sec in a 1L, 65 MPG.

I am thinking about getting a Zetec-S, or if I can afford it an ST.

Love the new Zetec-S face with the Honeycomb grill. I have ridden in the Titanium (1.0 99) and that was quite good (seemed faster than my 1.25L 82) and the 1.0 non turbo 80 and that does not seem too sad for a 1.0L but wouldn't get that engine.

Want to hear from owners, how it feels, how it goes, sounds, sups petrol etc.


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Greetings. As I have mentioned before to others on here, despite being in full time employment, my uni fees are crippling so I part chopped my land rover for a fantastic all rounder. Yes the ST is king of the hill for speed and thrills but I am getting beyond wanting a speed demon now and I need to save money big time.

It is a fabulous engine but don't believe 65mpg. I have seen low 50's but mostly mid 40's and it has drops into the 30's if I floor it when joining the rather short slip road to the A38 (MPG settles down after that though) and the engine hasn't got 1k miles on it yet. No need to think you should buy diesel though because although that offers superior fuel economy, it is dearer to buy and fill up. Also remember that this new ecoboost petrol is free to tax so diesel loses the big tax advantage it used to have. I do like diesels and have owned many but in simple terms you will need to do many miles a year to see financial gains.

It is plenty quick enough in my opinion and out performs the pre-facelift 1.6 petrol ZS and the turbo makes quick progress easier. The engine is very smooth and quiet and yet makes a nice enough noise when revved but can get a little boomy at motorway cruising but nothing obtrusive. What I like about it for example, is the pick up in 3rd. I join the aforementioned slip road in 3rd from a tight corner at say 30 and floor it. The turbo chimes in to give low down pull but I can just leave it in 3rd and as the revs rise it just keeps ploughing along with ease towards 70mph.

Insurance is cheap and it costs approx £55 to fill up with approx 320 miles on a full tank which can only get better. The handling is superb and the ZS spec offers the best balance of equipment and price. My land rover had more spec than the Titanium X cars but I don't miss the toys like I thought I would. Less is more type of thing. The seats are excellent as well.

The new shape is a big improvement in my opnion and the black interior is more classy. I also think the halogen DRL's look better than the LED DRL's on the higher spec cars ( I did not think that was the case when I ordered but really pleased with them now). I replaced the dipped headlights and sidelights for a set of Phllips Bluevision because I thought the standard lights were a bit below par.

I think the SYNC system is excellent and it works well with my iPhone 5. When I start up the car, it resumes exactly where I left off in any given track.

Hope that helps.

Here are 2 recent posts showing pics of mine for you to have a look at:



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I have a 1.0 125 tit x fiesta and yes it does shift well on the motorway and around town I have done 2000 miles in mine now and its seeing about 45 mpg just on town driving took it on a run few weeks back sitting at 60 on motorway it is doing high 50mpg go up to 70mph it don't drop much either I also noticed how quiet it was compared to my last mk2.5 1.6 tdci on the motorway the fiesta sits at around 2.2 rpm at 70-75 ish if I remember right it might be lower than that!! I really rate the little white beast and tell anyone to try one when looking for new cars

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I don't expect 65MPG but my engine was rated at 55MPG and I get around 40MPG so with the same style of driving I would think the new engine would average around 45 - 50MPG? possibley in the non turbo or even the 100ps, but I suppose with 125ps it would be a waste not to put your foot down :-)

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I'd have thought 50 would be possible when run in when driving economically yeah. My diesel put out 71.6mpg average on my trip up to Lancaster and back yesterday, 130 miles round :P

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