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Focus Mk2 Voice Control Retrofitted


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hello everyone,

my focus 09 mk2 didn't has voice control system by manufactured.

Novero bluetooth module, sony cd with phone function and the steering wheel control stalk with voice control button have been bought and fixed to my car.

The phone function is ok by pressing button on cd dashboard.

music control including volume up or down, next or previous etc. by steering wheel control stalk is ok.

But voice button on steering wheel control stalk does not work. There is not any responses when the voice button pressed.

How can I do?

thanks a lot

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It is most likely the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module previously did not came from a Focus. Unlike the part numbers are completely the same the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol modules from the Focus MK2, C-max MK1 and Kuga MK1 are differently configured than the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol modules from the mondeo MK4, S-max/Galaxy and fiesta MK7.

Because of the different configuration of the module it does not respond to the VOICE button.

To solve this you have to re-configure the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module for the correct vehicle. You can do this by yourself using an ELM327 interface an the ELMconfig program.

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Hi Buddy, you need to change the VIN on the second hand module. The VIN will be different to that of the other modules on the cars CAN (network) and will be ignored.

Cheapest and easiest way is a modified ELM327 and the latest ELMconfig once you have these follow what's on my pic


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