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Help Removing Alternator From 1.6Tdci (115Bhp) Estate


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Hi All,

got a problem with my 2007 focus estate, 1.6TDCi Ghia.

battery warning light is on and battery is voltage is only showing @ 12. It is a Silver Calcium battery.

Smart charge system looks to be operating properly and everything appears to be pointing to the alternator. (was showing 12.3 when running but is now down to 11.8 - 12.0. Shows around 11.2-11.5 when starting).

Question is, how the hell do I get the alternator out to change it?

As I look at the car, the alternator is on the front left, under what appears to be a collection of sensors and air intakes.

Impossible to get at it from the bottom. Not a lot of room to work in at all.

Any ideas?


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Have you not got a Haynes manual ? If your gonna tackle it yourself its prob best to have one. I did mine on the 1.8tdci, and it was a pain in the bottom. Situated pretty much in the same place as yours, and all sorts had to come off, including drivers wheel, undertray, complete inner wheel arch, the list goes on. Very very fiddly job on mine, space being the main problem.

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