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Front Wipers Have Stopped Working!


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Evening fellow Ford Focus owners,

This morning I was on the way to work it's pouring it down front and back wipers happly working. And all of sudden front wipers freeze half way through there cycle back wiper still working. Went to local gargage got all fuses tested they were all fine. I was told it could either be relay or wiper motor. But it could me 1 hours labour at £56 an hour just too find the error on top of getting whatever the problem may be fixed. I can still hear the wipers trying to work so i don't know if that gives an indication

I'd rather give it a go myself. Anyone have any idea. It's a treg ford focus 1.6 zetec.

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If you can still hear clicking from the relays then I'd say motor.

You can test a relay by running 12v across to low power circuit, it should click quite noticeably.

Next option is run a check on the motor, if you have no voltage passing through I'd say it's stuffed and needs replacing.

You'd be looking about £100 ish for a new motor or go for a salvage part for far less.

Easy to fit, if you choose to do it yourself a Haynes manual is a good idea.

If you can't get a manual and choose to do it yourself I'd quite happily walk you through it.


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I think your guess of the motor packed up is probably right. I presume the back wiper works off a different system if that's still working? I shall ring up a few scrap yards tommrow and see if I can get hold of one!

The one you linked me is that a motor?

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Okay thanks man! I'll update you on what's happening?

I guess it's worth taking risk on a new motor because i can always sell if it's not the problem.

Indeed mate, good luck with the fitting.

I'll help out with Haynes pointers if you get stuck.

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I'd try changing the relay first. Just because it's clicking doesn't mean it's ok. The click comes from the armature but a contact could have failed. You could try swapping the relays for front and rear as a test to avoid shelling out on a new one unnecessarily.

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