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Problems With Egr Valve/turbo?

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We have a 2006 Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 TDCi Climate Pack. After picking it up from the garage we bought it from, we noticed that there would be a loss of power when driving, mainly in 1st or 2nd gear. It has happened when pulling from a junction in 1st, and also when going uphill in 2nd. When the loss of power happens, if you take it out of gear and then put it back in, it seems ok. Although today, my wife was driving and she had to pull over, and leave it in idle, for a minute or so. There are no warning lights, and the engine doesn't cut out. We took it back to the garage we bought it from, and they had a look(as it is under warranty), and hooked it up to the diagnostic machine. No codes came up, and the guy who did the test said that it was one of the best engines he had seen, as all the readings etc were near perfect. The only thing that fluctuated a very tiny amount, was something to do with the air flow(?), but he said it should clear itself in a week or so. The garage told us to take the car away, and see how it goes, and if it played up to bring it back(we picked it up yesterday morning(Tuesday)), and since then it has happened again 4 times. When driving along the dual carriageway it has been fine, and the acceleration has been fine aswell. It only seems to be in the lower gears(1st and 2nd). Does anybody has any idea what it could be?


We have now had the fuel filter replaced, and the garage have said that there was an 'o' ring in there that was perished, and they think it could've been causing the problem. The car has now started doing the same thing again. I have been told by a mechanic friend that it could be the EGR valve getting stuck, and to have it cleaned out. Is it better to get it cleaned or replaced?

Since then the car is still doing the same thing. Have now had the Mass Air Flow Sensor replaced, and also the guy at the garage sprayed some EGR cleaner into the air intake while he was changing the MAF. That was about 2 weeks ago, and it is still playing up. Have spoken to a couple of people in work, and they have suggested a couple of things. EGR valve has been mentioned again. Another person said it had happened to him on a focus he had repaired, and he said he eventually traced it to some sort of sensor or switch under the accelerator pedal. Could this be the cause of the problem? Apart from this the car is a lovely car, I even took it up the motorway the weekend, and it was fine. Like I said before, it doesn't happen all the time, and there are no warning lights at all.

We now have another problem happen, when accelerating the car is ok in 1st and 2nd although it still does loss of power thing(going to garage on Monday), but when you accelerate in 3rd and the turbo seems to kick in, there is a sound similar to an exhaust blowing? - Could this be a hose blown, as there is no smoke.

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sounds like something is up give the car back to the dealer and tell them to fix it as it is under warranty. If they dont fix it say its not fit for purpose and get a refund and buy another elsewhere. In the end of the day you start buying parts and doing work yourself can render your warranty invalid

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When I spoke to garage they told me that EGR valve isn't included in warranty, but after much haggling they are going to have a look. Are turbos normally included in warranties?

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Its a common fault i believe that the accelorator pedal sensor goes faulty and needs to be replaced im sure this normally kicks up a warning light though. I wouldnt put up with any crap about it not being under warranty they sold the car to you in an unfit for purpose state and if they cant fix it they should either give you some money off your original purchase price either that or take the car back and give you a full refund. You dont want to be out of pocket for something that they should fix. Also be wary about them telling you to see how it goes for 3-4 days because everytime they do this its eating away at your warranty time. If theyve aparently fixed it and you drive it away and youre still getting the same problem id be taking it back as soon as the fault reoccurs. Was it a ford dealership you got the car from?

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