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Sony Dab Radio/navigation System Focus 2012

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Has anyone had any experience with this system for this year? I'm awaiting the delivery of my nearly new (July 2012) Focus Titanium X and its fitted with the Sony DAB/Navigation System with Rear View Camera.

Basically, I was just wondering if it was any good? Sound quality, navigation accuracy, camera effectiveness etc.I have only been able to test the Ford system in a Zetec, which was pretty good, but I'm comparing it to my 307 which issue for trade in shortly...

I hear it has a speaker or sub in the centre console too?

Finally, I hear some earlier models didn't actually feature the Sony version if the software/system. If this is true, how long was it until they sorted this?

Many thanks in advance.

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I don't have the Nav version , but i can say the sound is very good , small Sub like speaker in the center of the dash but you can't really call it a sub it's more for the sound accustic settings in the DSP , DAB is pretty good (in my area) , some times drops out though.

Usb and bluetooth music playing is pretty good and all controlable from the steering wheel. Quite a powerfull system although with Bass turned up , door Speakers tend to rattle.

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Thanks for the reply. I've struggled locating much info on the web about the system and more often than not will find things about the US touchscreen version ( IMHO, its big and touchscreen but vids show a delay in its responsiveness, so not too bothered ).

I may film a review for YouTube when I get it

Very much looking forward to getting it though, and the bluetooth connection is going to be glorious. I messed about with an FM transmitter for my iPhone which was frankly pap (as is the 307 system itself).

Is the voice functionality useful as a headset replacement for bluetooth calling/Siri?

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