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Getting A Third Key


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I have a 2004 Ford Fusion 3, and recently, have noticed that my remote lock buttons don't always work. I've changed the batteries in the key, but was advised that due to the age of the car, the key was probably failing, and should be replaced.

Obviously, the cost was in the hundreds - so I'm looking at alternative ways of getting it done. Your help would be appreciated!

I have both original Ford keys, and they both still work - so I think I'm able to do the programming for remote locking and the transponder myself.

- I have found a key on eBay for £35 (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-STYLE-...item1e6d002901) - I think all I need for this is to get the actual key cut. Would I be able to do this in Timpson's, and how much would they charge for it?

- This key is pre-cut and around £75 (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Flip-...item20d1eb01e9).

Out of the two, which key would be more sensible to get?

Is it as simple as: buying a key, getting it cut, programming the transponder, programming the remote lock? Or am I missing something? Can I find instructions on all the programming in my manual, or is there anything it's missing out?

Basically- help! Help! Help! And thanks :)

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Chances are that it's the buttons on your remote that are either worn or have a dry joint where they meet the circuit board, the simple solution is to buy a second hand one from ebay of the same type as you already have and transfer your chip and blade to that, then to programme it to open and lock the doors.

If yours is the flip type as shown in the links you've posted, then changing the blade part round to the replacement key will also transfer the chip at the same time, as it's located in the flip part of the key

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