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Mpg Fiesta 1.25

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Just brought my daughter a 1.25 zetec climate 56 plate and the best mpg we been getting is 30 which I think is really bad. Is this the norm ? Filled the car up which cost us 50pound and haven't even did 200 miles and its now just over quarter tank mark any ideas much appreciated

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Ive gor an 03 plate 1.3 fiesta and I manage to drive down to stoke on Trent in England which is 327 miles away from me with 2 bars left in the tank left at the end of the journey! Ive never actually worked out the mpg but its fairly decent I drive dowb alot to see my gran and its a good 4 n a half-5 hour journey

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I have a mk7 1.25 and I get around 34mpg. Drive quite hard sometimes but not all the time. I usually change gear at around 2500revs when driving normally and anywhere from 3000 - 4500 when hammering it. But that's only when I'm driving to band practise which is miles away and on national speed limit roads and duel carriage ways.

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