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Bang Goes The Theory, Diesel Pollutants The Big Killer

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This is a must watch for anybody [remotely responsible] who is thinking of removing the DPF


Quote the article:

Air pollution is now second only to smoking as a killer in the UK, yet as
a nation we are failing to meet targets on reducing emissions. end quote

At time of posting it was not yet avaliable via BBC iPlayer [ I had just watched it on the telly]

A very interesting watch, and yes the Germans as per usual are well in front

If the link in the future does not take you to the intended target, it's Bang Goes The Theory, Episode 8, series 7


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the technology to run cars on good old h20 with zero harmful emmisions has been around for a very long time

that tells you everything you need to know how concerned the powers that be truly are when it comes to cleaning up the atmosphere.

its all about money, nothing more, nothing less....

smoke and mirrors

as for DPF's, the system is seriously flawed and over expensive, as time goes on you will find the value of diesels fitted with them, drop dramaticly...already seeing car dealers turning the down in part ex deals..will only get worse

dont blame anyone for having system removed, personally, would never buy one with it fitted

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I watched this episode this morning.

On the plus side, the biggest problem only appears to be in cities. However, its still a problem none the less. I can see what you mean about the DPF though, if it is twice the coke as petrol with a DPF fitted, who knows how it would be without?

However, my car is a 1.6 Diesel auto, and complies to the 2000 standards, meaning it has no DPF, if my car can make it through, then even a DPF removal should not have that drastic effect.

I like the idea though of titanium oxide on the clothes!

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