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Ford Focus Zetec S Kit! Help!


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hi i have recently just brought a Ford Focus Zetec and i was just wondering wether anyone has fitted a Zetec S kit and could give me some advise whether this kit would fit.


if so does anyone have a rough idea how much it would cost to be sprayed?

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i was gonna say i wouldnt touch that fibreglass kit

you need to talk to lenny though, he's your man

not long finished the zetec s kit himself

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do you have any idea how much this kit would cost to buy from ford? guessing stupid money. I Guess im just gonna have to keep an eye out on ebay!

i picked up rear for £50, and side skirts for £70, on eBay for my mk2, not sure on front splitter.

is quite expensive from ford!

keep a eye out for the st side skirts/spoiler.

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for genuin - you are looking at £500+ the front and rear of the kit alone;


:-( i am on the same boat as you mate...
you get the fibre one first and tell me what its like ;) hahaaaa....

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