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Scratched Bumper


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Hi all

My wife was driving the ford yesterday down a village lane which had quite a dip in a certain part of the road. The car down has a number of large scratches on the bumper which look quite severe. Also the bumper has come slightly unseated as a couple of screws came out due to the impact. It isn't hanging off though just very slightly loose, it can certainly be driven without any problems.

Does anyone know if it is worth attempting a repair of the bumper to remove the scratches or would it need a whole new bumper which I am guessing could be quite costly.

I would be grateful for your experiences and advice.

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It would be nice to post some images to see what you are dealing with.

Have you checked on eBay or breakers for a used bumper? You might find it at a decent price and at the color you need.

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