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Humming From Front Wheel


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hi, iv got a 53 plate focus ghia and iv got a hum on the front wheel, iv tryed swapping the front wheels with the back (just incase it was the front tyres) but still got the hum! it starts at 50mph, when the car is straight on the road or when i`m going around a right hand bend the hum is their, but when i go around a left hand bend the hum go`s! has anyone out thir got any idea`s


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I had a similar problem on my fiesta and it was my wheel bearings, noise when turning around a right hand bend could indicate a problem in the passenger side bearing as the weight is shifted onto the left side

This isn't always the case but it is certainly the most likely

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this happens to me but its a loud squeek when i turn left and happens at low and high speeds when turning. im having breaks changed on Saturday so could be the same case with yours with regards to the humm! its worht a check to see if the alligned properly and things.

however, im hoping the squeek will go with the change. but i will see if they can check the barings too. quite embarrassing around town when tunring left and there is a sound only dogs can hear hehe!!


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