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V5 Replacement - Experience

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Hi there,

After finding out I had secured my new car, I soon discovered that my V5 had gone missing. Not only this, as I hadn't seen it since we moved, can also only assume that it was in the old address.

I sent off for the replacement last Wednesday with a £25 postal order (cant they take Paypal these days) and I'm eagerly watching the door for it to arrive... Has anyone had a good experience with this?

I have been told my new Focus will be delivered, serviced and ready next Wednesday so, whilst not a religios man, I'm crossing my fingers and chasing bird crap in the vain hope that it arrives sooner, rather than later!

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Has anyone ever been to their local offices for a V5 replacement? Is it even possible?

Its totally my fault for being a goon and not replacing it earlier of course, but I do believe I can locate the V5 from my previous address. As far as I know, all they do is fill in the slips and I send off what's left to relinquish ownership (been a while) think this is still viable or taking the urine? :-)

I don't want to miss out on getting my new motor on the day, just because of that.

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I rang them today, they weren't keen to be helpful and basically just quoted the website for lead times.

I have found my 'old' one in my name, but previous address. I wonder if it'll be enough? I guess I could send this one off for replacement but then I could be left without anything for next week.

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