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Air Con Compressor


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I have just had my car seviced and all seems ok apart from the increased noise from the air con unit and other issues mentioned later. When I asked I was told that this could be the compressor. Has anyone had this problem and is it expensive to replace? My focus is a 2005 plate and has done almost 80k miles. The other ongoing problem is it has slight rattling sound still on start up and have been asvised that this may be the variators which can only be replaced at the dealer at great expense no doubt and also the petrol engine sounds like a diesel and again have been advised that this could be the variators and/or the cambelt timing sensors. These issues make the car very sluggish when driving uphils/ overtaking akin to towing a barge and on minor hills slowing down and having to use 1st gear on some instances!

Getting back to the first point are air con compressors expesive to replace?


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obviously without seeing/hearing but i had a horrible noise from the compressor on my mk2 galaxy tdi.

the clutch had come loose and started bouncing on the spindle,then eventually fell off.

we managed in the end to rob another clutch from a doner compressor and reattach while insitu,

talk about P.I.A but done it.

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believe this issue is likely to be a compressor clutch noise which will be checked when funding allows!

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if you really think its the compressor,then it might be worth it to check asap.just in case.

reason why i say this is,if its the clutch then replacing it is possible diy(if theres room etc)

if you leave it and the spindle gets damaged then iirc thats a total removal of compressor.drain and refill etc,which no doubt will cost you dollars and have to be done by others.

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