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Satnav Safety/speed Camera Locations


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Hi All

I have a 2012 Galaxy 2.0 Titanium X that has a £1400 Satnav option fitted that CANNOT have Safety/Speed Camera locations installed. When I wrote to Ford about this they said that mine was the only complaint they had received about this.

I was wondering if everybody else is happy that their Satnavs cannot show Safety/Speed camera locations?

Regards Bob

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I think given the option , everyone would want the Cmera locations , it's just for some reason Ford and their third party satnav unit suppliers have never included this option. Very annoying i agree.

I would think the main reason for not adding cameras , is all the extra updates , Ford or the Satnav software would have to do.

Not exactly the same but i use , when i remember to switch it on is an Android App.

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