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Sony Head Unit Fascia Panel


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Afternoon all, first post on the forum as this place looks like the right place to hopefully get an answer, I have trawled through the pages but cant find anything similar though I am sure somebody will have aske dthe same question before, I just cant find it !, here goes

just traded in the wifes 2009 1.4 hot magenta zetec for a 2012 white 1.6 zetec sport with 17" alloys, very pleased with the loo, feel and the drive of the new car, done a couple of simple modifications such as the gel badges, the stainless steel sill protectors, footwell lighting and now I want to replace the standard ford stereo fascia with a sony one, I have seen a few on ebay and all I am trying to find out is it possible to do a straight forward plug and play swap with the existing unit.

its not the whole cd unit just the facia frontage from what I understand, the cd player is built into the car behind that from what I can make out.

the sony unit will have come from a 2012 fiesta zetec titanium, so as ours is also a 2012 iw ould imagin that it will work ok.

just also need to point out that our car has the Aux USB connector and blue tooth, will this still all work ok if I swap over the panel.

is there anything else I need to consider before I take the plunge and buy a sony fascia ??

many thanks in advance

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It worked fine on my 2010 Zetec-S (purely using the Sony facia and not the stereo as I broke that)

Which reminds me I need to sell my old Sony facia!

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hi inath, thanks for reply, what do you mean "(purely using the Sony facia and not the stereo as I broke that)", what did you break ?? and what facia have you got in the car now ?

when you put the sony in / on was it a simple plug and play and also was it still possible to use the cd player ? and have you got a usb connection and did that still work ??


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So I was using the Sony facia with the standard CD player. I did have the Sony CD player too but I broke it.

Was plug&play + all CD's, bluetooth & USB works fine.

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thanks for the help, I have now bought a unit of ebay for a bargain, im sure I saw a guide on here with pictures of how to swap the head units over, can somebody please point me in the right direction, thanks in advance

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