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Titanium To Zetec S - Mk 2.5 Bonnet Lip


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Hi there! :)

So, my dear Titanium 2.0 TDCI has been mine for around a year now...and as a treat to her and to myself, I've decided to get the Zetec S body kit fitted to her (at the panel beater, shortly).

Already fitted the Zetec S lower grill - and I've read a lot of your guides particularly the one about painting the bonnet lip - considering the colour (vision blue), what do you think would look best;

a) keeping the 'chrome' lip as it is

B) colour-coding the lip to Vision Blue

c) spraying the lip dark grey/black
d) wrapping the lip in carbon fibre covering

e) wrapping the lip in matte black/dark grey

f) any other suggestion?

Thank you!

Keep up the good work, amazing stuff on this forum! :)



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In such cases, i usually Photoshop the image first, to see how the outcome (might) be like.

b ) Vision Blue


c) Dark Gray


d) Carbon Fibre


e) Gray Plastic (taken from the front grille)


In your case i would go for the vision blue.

What i also like a lot, is to highlight some parts of the car, however that looks best in white cars.

post-29590-0-06893100-1367833744_thumb.j post-29590-0-44241000-1367834228_thumb.j

p.s. Please don't be very rude about my Photoshop skills! :P

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Those are good suggestions! The blue does seem to look the best..

People have suggested also fitting the ST upper grille - is it worth the while? Does it make that much of a difference?

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