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Mk3 Satnav Questions


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I don't actually own a mk3 Focus, but I'm considering one later this year and wondering if the satnav option is worth it or not? It's a lot of money compared to standalone ones (though it does include the reversing camera), and at the moment I simply use the one on my phone when I need to so I don't really know if I can justfy it! I just like the idea of having an integrated one, plus the extra little display in the area between the dials sounds good too. For people who have it, would you say it's worth getting?

I've heard it gets live traffic updates over the radio, for this do you have to be tuned in to a particular station like you do for the radio announcements or does it work regardless of what station you're on?

And lastly, how does updating work? Can you put the sd card in a computer and do it yourself for free, or is it a dealer jobby which they charge ridiculous amounts of money for? And speaking of the sd cards, how come they cost so much on ebay?


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