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Intermitent Starting Problem With Focus Sport 1.6 2012 Model


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I'm having an intermittent starting problem with my Focus sport, sometimes when I turn the engine it just makes a clicking sound and wont start at all. It will then turn over after a jump start. Any ideas what the problem could be, called to Ford dealers for a diagnostic but they said they cant do anything unless the car is brought to them when the problem is occurring.

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battery or connection problem

could also be a starter motor/connection problem

might pay to have battery tested, plus remove and clean the terminals/clamps, follow the main leads from battery and check/clean those connections too.

When you say Jump Start , your using a battery Booster right? , Don't jump start it off another Car you could damage the ECU.

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Check the battery is installed correctly, the contact grips that go around the terminal need to be properly located at the bottom of the terminal closest to the battery. I had this exact same problem, the battery was not charging as the contact was not being made properly.

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