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Halfords Car Wash Kit, Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax, Meguiars Interior Detailer Cleaner


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May bank holiday Monday was car wash and wax day.

I used the following products:

1. Halfords car wash kit

2. Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax

3. Meguiars Interior Detailer Cleaner.

Washed 3 cars by hand with the 2 buckets system and then waxed it according to the instructions. Going to keep this short and simple and I think the wax and interior cleaner are very good products. Going to have to wait and see how it holds up against the Irish weather. Hoping to get some sunny days to keep it and going and will give an update in a few weeks.

Here are some pictures of the 3 cars we cleaned today.
















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Went a bit mad with the pictures but thought that they would do the talking rather than me writing a long post.

Would love to hear every ones thoughts about these products or anything else that can be recommended.

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Lol Brigante. To be honest, if the weather was like it was today, I wouldn't mind.

Hadn't washed the car in a really long time and it was not black any more. Definitely worth the time spent this afternoon.

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i actually did mine like last week, and literally a few days later its just filthy again n in desperate need of a clean

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the only thing i would recommend is a decent pre wash - get a foam lance and some autobrite magic foam and watch the dirt come away from your car. have a look on youtube for similar product so you get an understanding of how it works!

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Looking into the foam lance and seen a good few videos. Got a small Karcher pressure washer and just need to find the foam lance to fit it. Any recommendations for products?

Btw, car was covered with a layer of dust today after work but cleaned off really easy with a cloth as the surface was so slippery. Will have to see how it does with the rain.

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