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Why Does My Fiesta Mk5 Use Lots Of Oil??


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Hi there, I have a mk5 Fiesta 1.25 zetec and I was just wondering if anyone knows why it might be using lots of oil? There are no leaks or smoke and I have to top it up every day. Don't know if it could be to do with the mileage or the oil control rings or anything. HELP!!

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Check the breathers and PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valve are not gummed/ blocked

The bores or compression rings could be worn or the valve guides or seals,(often specific engines have a thing that goes first eg - valve seals) this could pressurize the crankcase, oil (in the form of fine mist) could be being sprayed into the engines' inlet via the breather, the engine regurgitates/ reburns it so you may not notice it as exessive smoke

But it could potentially fail the MOT, if not this time, next time, directly, by the oil being released out of the exhaust, or indirectly, by the oil contaminating the cat (catalytic converter)

If this is the case there are a number of things you can do (if cleaning the PCV valve breathers does not work)

1 Use the cheapest oil you can find (i used to run old cars- some of them the oil consumption was as high as the petrol consumption, oil is expensive, but you can get "glug" for a fraction of the price - a thicker oil may be less liable to bypass the bores)

2 fit a catchtank inbetween the the crancase breather and the air inlet - (in a cool place if possible) the oil vapor condenses as it hits the cool metal sides, turning back to liquid, catching the oil (hence "catchtank") less oil vapor gets into the inlet + the "cought" oil can be poured back in the engine!

3 during MOT time instead of the cheapest oil, you can use quality synthetic oil, it burns cleaner.

Ultimately, if the rings, bores or valve guides are gone, you may need an engine rebuild, replacement engine or replacement car, whichever is the most cost - effective. - dont be alarmed, we are not at that stage yet, its just drinking a bit more oil than normal and may be a simple fix.

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