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Gear Problems ??


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Hello everybody! Im new on here, just having a few different problems with my 55 plate fiesta zetec, and im wondering if anybody can help me :/ im awful with cars but any help will be greatly appreciated. To start with, every now and again i cannot get my car in gear, i will be driving down the road and go to chnage gear and it wont go in, at the same time my bite point goes to the very bottom of my pedal also! And eventually you can select a gear again, its really embarrassing as i was stuck in a car park not moving!haha!

Also both of my windows have broke, within two weeks of each other, the motor works, so I'm guessing i need new regulators, anybody no the best place to get these from?

Thanks again in advance for any replies.

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Had the same problem with gears, mechanic just asked me to double clutch it, he ended up taking it in and giving it a clean out, seemed to sort her out, but never got a good test after it, as got a we car. Not related to the problem just fancied a change.

As for you windows can't help you there.

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