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6000Cd Bluetooth


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After a few months of owning my used 09 Focus I've just found out it has bluetooth. I've managed to pair my phone, and the system recognises it but when I try to make a call through the phonebook it tells me that the phonebook is empty. Have I missed something?

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Try de-bonding and then re-bonding, mine done it at first then sorted itself out after a re-bond,

1. press menu

2. keep pressing until advanced menu is shown

3. select advanced menu

4. select bluetooth

5. select de-bond

6. repair as if for the 1st time

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It might be waiting for you to store some numbers in there via voice commands , but it should also pull you phone book from the phone

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Ok so ignore my guide earlier its wrong

1. Press the green call button

2. Press menu

3. Keep pressing until it says debond

4. Press the right selection button

5. Re-pair as normal

Sorry was looking at something else at the same time and got mixed up

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Pretty much yes but make sure you debond through the head unit or it will still recognise your phone, when you debond and then re-pair it should speak another 4 digit code to you to put in the phone

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