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Automatic Heating Problem


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Took the car to Ford last year and they said they had moved something in the heating compartment. I've noticed today i had to up the temperature from 24C to 26C, to get heat out and to keep the car from steaming up. unless i fully set it to the maximum, hot air hardly comes out. I'm assuming the sensor is sitting on a very warm place or it's gone bad.

Does anyone have a video on removing the compartment's so that i can check on it. I'd take it back to Ford but kind of tired of hearing "We can't duplicate this problem".

I assume it wouldn't be covered anymore even though it is only 2 years and 4 month's old.

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Didn't want to bump this topic but still wondered the exact location of the temperature sensor, and if, or what heats up under the dash that could potentionally misread the cabin temperature.

24C - 26C still blowing out cold to warm air doesn't sit well when i know 22C should do the job.

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