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Carbon Fibre Wrap! Diy


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Hi all,I invested in some carbon fibre wrap of eBay! for anyone who is thinking of doing this you will need a lot a time (a hole day) and patients it drove me crazy! and this is defiantly a 2 man job i tried it by my self and absolutely failed that extra person holding the heat gun whilst you wrap really makes the difference. The wrap i brought i found on another feed on here and the quality was really good for the price of it.

so if you are thinking of taking you car to a company to get it professionally wrapped then spend a tenner on eBay first and have a go your self might save your self hundreds!



i also brought some carbon fibre steering wheel trim




had a break for a week and carried on



and now its all finished


carbon fibre steering wheel trim



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that looks really good, think thats going to be my next project i had a cabinet tool box sprayed and i wrapped all the draw fronts which came out well but think this time i will get the proper 3m dinoc wrap not the cheaper stuff

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nice mod! the result looks perfect!

How much wrap did you use? was 1 piece (1520MM x 600MM) enough?

Also, i thought this was a sticker. Why did you need a heat gun?

How does it feel on touch?

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Yeh 1520x600 is plenty iv got loads left over and I messed up a couple of times

And it is very similar to a sticker but the heat gun ables you to stretch it round edges and ables you too get the air bubbles out and it sticks it to the surface a lot better

And it feels great to touch and looks amazing in person I'm so happy with it!

Well worth buying pal even if it does go wrong it's not broke the bank very cheap mod and can make such a difference

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I had my weekend planned to wrap as much of my interior as possible.

So far I have done (and fitted) the interior light surround, and I have done the sterring wheel trim. I need to recover the steering wheel before fitting the trims, it came froma write off (I wanted the cruise controls).

I was supposed to be doing the console, but I won a Sony head unit on eBay today, so I'd rather fit that first.

Yours looks really good!

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Patrick just looked at your pics again as im going to remove all the trim soon(thought id get an idea how too as only removed stereo one before) and just thought the 1 mod which you aint done is one of the cheapest but i think most visually effective and would finish off all your hard wrapping would be custom climate controls just search on eBay "focus mods"

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