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Urgent Help Needed! Possible Drive Shaft Issue!


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Hopefully someone can help me out!

My mk3 Fiesta has recently just failed it's mot on one item! A lower suspension arm bush.

As it's cheap i decided to just change the suspension arm, when removing this arm i was pulling around in the area (trying to get some room so pulled the strut a bit) and the drive shaft seemed to pull out (gearbox end) a bit more than it should and doesn't seem to want to go back how it was. and now the brake disc is facing out rather than forward.

Is it possible i have pulled the drive shaft out? i can't see because of the gaiter. Could i of actually broken anything by just pulling?

If i have pulled it out is it possible to simply push it back in without removing the other end of it? maybe take the cable ties off of the gaiter to see whats happening, re-align and simply put back in and replace the cable ties? or will i need to remove the other end as well to be able to align the splines properly?

A prompt reply would be great as i would like to do this tomorrow morning!

Thank you in advance!


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remove the gaitor clips and pull it back, you need to make sure the inner part of the joint is still in one piece, as sometimes they can slide off and drop the needle rollers into the gaitor...

if still in one piece then just a matter of lining up and push back together...can take a bit of a shove but it will go..just make sure its aligned otherwise you can damage those inner rollers.

if you find that the rollers have fallen out, then so long as you find them all, can be put back together, will be obvious how it goes back together once you see it, its a bit fiddly , but can be done

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