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Body Work Repair

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First of all i had my focus parked outside my girlfriends on her estate and at half past 3 woke up to 3 loud bangs ran outside and a brick had been thrown through my back window...


This window i had repaired today so this is now fixed however at 18 this has taken a big dent out of my wallet! The other brick hit the top of my car i presume the jealous sad little tramps which through this probably meant to hit my rear side window. I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on how i can sort this out, its not asif i can take the pannel off because it is the whole side of my car!?


I cannot claim through my insurance for this because my excess is £400 plus they will put my insurance up because i will have had a claim and also i would lose my year no claims which i need at 18!

Any advise would be appreciated, cheers

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where you from mate, im in manchester and do bodywork. sorry to see your car like that first of all. your car needs a bit of filler in it and then painting, but your probably looking around £350-£450

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Im from Bolton, I cant actually believe its happened i work my !Removed! off for my car! I have a mate who does body repair so will get a quote from him and let you know, i was considering doing the work myself to save money however i am an it technition not a mechanic :unsure:

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There was up the road but its a rough area, the police said to me they could tell i wasnt from around there but even when the cctv shows the lads running away they cant prove they did it. There was one of them stood on the corner when i ran outside then he ran off, they said it didnt prove it was them, i asked who stands on a street corner at 3:30am!? its a joke ive even had to cancel my holiday next month and im going to be skint for the next two months, they need sorting out haha!

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