Non-Ford Oil Causing Engine Noise?

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Hey forum.

I have a super noisey engine which has caused me concern. One guy on this forum said some Fiestas will sound like sewing machines, which I could deal with and left it at that.

A friends dad who owns a garage had a listen to it a few days ago, and was going to ask a Ford Technician if the oil for the Fiesta is proprietary, and that the noise was caused by a non-Ford generic oil in the engine. He was suppose to get back to me but never did (I think i gave the wrong number).

Anyone shed any light on this? Its 110 euro for a small service and computer update at my local Ford, and it would be money well spend if I could reduce the noise and at least to the point that I might hear any other issues with it.


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The wrong grade of oil could cause problems, I take it the car is 2012 as in your sig? Where was it serviced?

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