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Aircon Not Working On Mk6 Flame


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Hi, just picked up a a fiesta flame today, had a few of these already and no issues before with aircon.

went to turn aircon on and heard the usual click from under the bonnet but no cold air coming through. Tried it a bit later and dont even hear the click from under the bonnet now and certainly no cold air.

Now, the lady I bought this off hardly used this car only done 3500 miles in last 18 months, so I think this is why I have a problem.

already had to disconnect the plug from washer jet tank and clean it out a load of crap, as no water getting through to jets. All working fine now.

could this be a case of just needing re-gas or is it more likely to be an issue with compressor? Dont know too much about this kinda thing, never had to take any car for a regas.

where is the aircon unit? Is it under the driver headlamp?

any help appreciated


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You'll probably find the old woman who owned it before hardly, if ever, used the aircon which causes more problems than using it all thr time. I'd try just getting it recharged hopefully that'll sort the problem.

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