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Mk 5 Double Din Or Tablet Mount


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Hi there,

I'm just trying to find out whether anyone has managed to fit a Double Din head unit into their MK5?

Failing that, has anyone managed to get a decent android tablet mount? I know theres loads on eBay, but I was after something that looked built in.

If neither of these are possible, has anyone had any experience with car P.C.s in their MK5?

Thanks in advance guys,

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Tons are iPad installs and even a cheeky Nexus 7 install by these guy's, lots of videos though and it's a lot of work, they do from simple installs to full digital systems.


And this is their store in America for all iPad install stuff:


Don't forget that Brodit make tablet mounts and you can always bluetooth then to the stereo, or plug it in the USB port or use an audio cable.

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Those Brodit mounts are awesome. I've decided to get a decent head unit and bluetooth my phone to that. But get another phone and connect it with one of those Brodit Mounts and bluetooth the OBD2 reader to that and have Torque Pro running on that.

Has anyone used the Molex connector on the Brodit mount?

Next question, Can anyone recommend a decent head unit? I was looking at the JVC - KD90BT, and putting a USB hub in the space under the stereo.

I've not even bought the car and I've got most of the interior planned LOL

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