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Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci Shudder At 2500 Rpm

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Hey Everyone,

Need a bit of technical advice i've recently brought a 2003 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI 115 few days ago.

And when the engine is cold i notice this issue more then when its warmed up and the problem is at about 2500 RPM i get a little shudder/Bucking on the car but when i change gear and drop to a higher gear or press on the accelerator this problem stops.

Would anyone be able to help me on this matter or shed some light?

Many Thanks.


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Not an answer for you but coincidentally i get something similar...

12 plate focus titanium, just over a year old. been to the dealers about this and they said "all focus cars driven by their staff does it". when i accelerate right up to the top gears, e.g. 5th or 6th, and stop acclerating (but not necessarily pressing the brake) my car shudders or jumps slightly. all is well otherwise.

just wondering if this shudder thing is a "feature"?



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I have a theory based on experience at 55k. I think the fluctuating is caused by the computer getting confused.

Thick oil creates heaviness/load > computer dictates downshift, but RPM reaches gear threshold > computer dictates upshift, thus, the fluctuation. Shudder is caused by a bit of slippage between gear changes.

So I asked the mechanic to:
1. change the ATF.
2. If no.1 doesn't work, check and clean sensors.
3. if no. 2 doesn't work, check clutch and pressure plates (because of slippage).

ATF replacement did the job and problem went away. Discovered that DSG didn't have filter but strainer. It was clogged according to the mechanic. Prolong the usage at your own peril as it can potentially burn the clutches.

Hope this helps.

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Funny you should say that Quint, As the guy who i brought the car off said he had changed the clutch about 6-7 months ago? So could this be related to this issue?

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Even if he changed the clutch but if the fluid is old, it would still be clogged with dirty / burnt oil, which will further burn the clutch.

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