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Boot Lid Wont Open 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec


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I own (my wife drives) a 2008 1.6 zetec Ford Focus with only 20K on the clock. Anyway the boot lid has decided that it doesn't want to open. It could only be opened using the key fob which is now not operating the lock (works on the central locking front and rear doors but not on the boot lid). As Ford decided not to include a boot release or key operated lock I cant open the lid. I've crawled in to the boot via the rear seats. There is no obvious foreign object jamming the lock. Also I can't see a specific fuze associated with the boot that may have burnt out. Any ideas???

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It could be a faulty contact in the release switch that has caused the lock solenoid to burn out.

I suspect you need a replacement lock module, the problem now is getting the boot open to allow access to work on it.

It may involve breaking the hatch liner to access the bolts.

I'd recommend a trip to a garage.

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Before you go to a garage and they charge you a small fortune for what might take you ten mins to get the boot open your self i would try to get the rear cover off myself if you can get a purchase on it it will come off with a sharp tug possibly start from the top by the wiper motor managed to do a mates on his mondeo estate with very little if at all damage then once the cover is off should be easy enough to frig the lock with a screw driver ensure you have a new to replace it with that said it will close again just means until you get a new lock you have to frig it in the same way . hope this helps

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