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Guide: Fitting Puddle Lights Mk6

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Here's a quick guide on how to fit puddle lights onto a mk6 fiesta.

I just used the standard fiesta boot lights like this one.....


Ok so the first thing to do is remove your door card....

1, remove interior mirror cover

2, pop the little cover off the door latch screw cover

3, unscrew the screw from the door latch

4, unclip the window switch/winder panel

5, unscrew the door pull

6, unscrew the two plastic clips on the underside of the door card.....


7, the coor card can now be unclipped from the door, start off on the outer edge, pull out the card enough to get your fingers in, then slide your fingers along the length of the door card popping the clips as you go, once they are all unlipped, unhook it from the window by pushing upwards.

note you will notice the door latch is still attached stopping you from removing it completely, i found it unnecessary to completely remove it.

8, you will need to cut a hole on the bottom of the door card (sorry i forgot to take measurments) but basically just cut a little at a time until it fits, i used a stanley knife and was simple to cut.



9, you need to run two wires from inside the door to inside the car, i found that you can unplug the circular plug (just below door hinge) and feed the wires in through the top of the socket. open the glove box and push both sides in so that the glovebox drops completely open..... then look for the two wires you are feeding in......


as you can see the black and blue wire coming in from behind the beigey coloured foam.

now poke as small a hole as needed to feed the wire through the rubber gromet so that the wire is inside the door......


once its in the door remove the round rubber/foam gromet to give access to the window regulator....


pull the wires through the hole then poke a hole in the gromet and feed the wires through, then refit the gromet.......


run the wires along the inner door panel and tape down to make everything neat....


join or solder the wires onto your new light.


then clip the light lens into your door card, and refit doorcard

now with the wire inside the car you need to wire it into your interior light, to do this you have to unclip and remove the A pillar


then find a way to run the wires up behind the dashboard and into the A pillar recess, clip the wires in(as theres useful little clips already there)

then you will have to remove the sun visor unscrew the screws....



then unclip the interior light....


then run the wires up behind the headliner then in through the interior light, once through you can attach the wires onto each side of the bulb......


once plugged in all that is left to do is refit interior light, A pillar and sun visor,

then you should have this............. B)



hope some of you find this guide useful. :D

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