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Focus Clutch?


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Hi wonder if there is anyone out there that can help me (I am sure there is!)

I have a Focus estate 1.8 X Reg (2000) and have noticed that the clutch is starting to slip a little in top gear. I have taken it to a 'guy a mate knows' and he has quoted £350 to supply and fit the clutch! I am able to get the parts for about £60 and was wondering is it such a horrible job that he had to wack a load of labour on!? I am very mechanically minded and am aware that the kit comprises of the concentric and it is this that "is the pain in the !Removed!"

Can you shed some light on this for me

Hope you are all well and happy!?



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no idea where you get 100-150 to do it thats just not gonna happen for one the subframe needs dropped so the car needs realigned when put back together also the driveshaft needs rem oved so new gearbox oil and driveshaft seal new brake/clutch fluid as well in parts alone it comes to more than £100 and for £350 mate ford will do it for you at that price i paid £347 for a full clutch kit on my mk1 at ford that was clutch pressure plate slave cylinder all oils and seals and vat

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