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Fiesta / Mondeo Economics


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Hi y'all out there!

We are new to this forum and felt we just had to comment and pose queries on the MPG question.

We have joined the club because we felt we wanted to improve our economies due to the quoted
government and manufacturers figures that are some 20% higher than we manage to achieve.

I run a '03 Mondy 2L TDCi Ghia Estate (6spd, 130bhp).

My GF now runs a '12 Fiesta 1.6 econetic Diesel (Pre used ex-Ford main stock, but run to 7K miles by the dealer manager)

We have a running competition to see who gets the best MPG.

We live in the country with little congestion, few traffic lights, the roads are mostly 'B' with 'A' used occasionally.

We follow every fuel saving tip - and then some -

Slightly higher tyre pressures;

Gentle acceleration (except infrequent overtaking manoeuvres);

NOT accelerating uphill, only downhill or on the flat;

Depressing the clutch when going down a steep hill or coming to a junction;

Reading the road well ahead to avoid unnecessary acceleration or braking;

My own economics in the Mondy over the last 478Miles is 58.4mpg compared to the manufacturers
claimed 68mpg 'combined' driving. This however does include a 240mile dual carriageway/motorway round trip journey and staying within and close to the legal limit, where I achieved 60.5mpg
Staying locally, I normally achieve around 53MPG.

My lady in her Fiesta Eco has achieved 64.4MPG over the last 1600miles, which again includes a 240mile dual carriageway/motorway round trip. And is compared to the 85.6mpg taken from the manufacturers and government figures.

We thought we had achieved pretty good figures compared to some MPG's quoted on this

Now we also find the suggestion that the quoted manufacturers figures might be rather exaggerated - OR ARE THEY ???

The reason the question marks have arisen is because of the 'What Car' - 'True MPG' figures for this Fiesta are only 55.9mpg. ?? (economical urban driving).

This is compared to some member statements of achieving 70mpg, but which is still well short of the manufacturers and governments 85.6mpg

We are confused !!!

The vehicle before the Fiesta was a Peugeot 206 1.6 Diesel Sport.
Astounding 67/69mpg's and overtaking power (110bhp), the Peugeot could give the Mondy a run
for the money in the acceleration stakes.

We hired a 2yo Hyundai 1.6 diesel whilst on a recent overseas, rather hilly, narrow, bendy, hairpin, twisty road, meeting lunatic cyclists and innumerable tourist coaches’ - holiday. The tank was brimmed for which we were charged some 85euros (No refunds if you return with fuel still in the tank).

We covered over 1000Km, and according to the computer, we still had 298Km of fuel left in the tank

Plenty of 'kick in the butt' and 'oomph' when and if needed.

As 1Kmtr = 0.621371192 (to be pedantic) but for ease of reckoning a full tank would give1300Km or 808miles on my driving style. To my simple mind, that works out around 71.5mpg.

Now this much applauded, zero road tax, new '12 Fiesta is a bit of a let down in the MPG stakes and a little less safe in the power department (a kick in the backside when needed to get out of trouble), and especially the lack of low down torque.

Is there something wrong with this Fiesta that needs specialist attention ??

It has recently had its first service and the main dealer made no recommendations.

Surely, there must be a remapping programme available to rectify this Fiesta's shortcomings !

Anyone any suggestions, advice or ideas ??


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There is remaps available but id give it a little bit longer to break in properly. The posted figures fromanufacturer are tested under absolute perfect conditions not road figures I believe so you'll never achieve absolute manufacurers figures. Going from what most people have said on the forum 64.4mpg is fairly decent

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Hllo and welcome to the forum!

One point it is said that just lifting off the throttle is better when coming to a junction/ going downhill because the ECU cuts the fuelling than putting the car into neutral because the engine requires fuel to stop the car stalling/ keeping it ticking over in neutral

Some early Saabs had a lever you could pull for this, it used to be frownd apon and you would fail your driving test if you did this because it was reconed to be dangerous (not being in total control of the car etc )

if in in very slow moving traffic (stop/ start 10mph or less) if im on a gradient/ downhill i sometimes cut the engine and let it coast, - i might rewire the brake lights so they still work in that situation (i have to be careful to slow down very gently/ use the tail lighs as brake lights)

The trouble is, a lot of economy techniques sap the joy out of motoring - i run my narrow eco tyres at 41psi, and the AC etc is removed and the electric paterpump etc and 150kgs stirpped out so its a hypermiling car - but its a performance car as well,

Now if in going on a trip i might fill up with veg oil and drive economically, (often drivers that try to drive economically have the reveres effect) otherwise i just trive my car, if i come across someong going slower than me i overtake, and apart from trying to keep my momentum up and trying to keep my foot off the brakes/ trying not to brake hard - i just drive

i went on a 200 mile round trip and i worked the MPG out at 50, if i go byserk or round town it drops to 35mpg (remember this car has similar acceleration as a 20mpg ST220)

I got a push- bike for short journeys/ keep me fit for the summer, and i try to combine trips together (wait to do several things in one trip)

My dad lives in the country, he drives a 1/4 mile, parks the car, to take the dog for a walk! - when i try to explain he would be better leaving it at home (wasting fuel/money ware and tear on the car/ putting the milage up etc+ the enviromental implications ) probably because he is not part of the "eco" generation - he leaves it at home now scince his CNC went

The veg oil being a renuable energy source (effectively solar powered) and i am involved in the design of a zero- emmisions vehicle means im at least trying to "do my bit"

So apart from those nods towards economy/ efficiency i just drive and let the car take care of the economy, i don't even normally check the MPG

Nice to see a serious in-depth post about economy techniques

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Hi, this is an old debate really and I find it hard to believe that anyone still thinks they should have the right to achieve the government quoted figures for mpg in any car. Recently the advertising standards took Audi to task over their mpg claims that they advertised and now all manufacturers have to make a disclaimer. If anyone cares to look on the back page of any Ford brochure they will find one there, but in point of fact, ford have been putting it there for years.

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