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Annoying Rattle


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I have this very annoying rattle coming from the front passenger side of the car. First I thought it was coming from behind the glove box but I am now sure its coming from the trim around the small quarter window. My question is how to stop this rattle? how to remove the trim and secure any cables within or secure the trim its self?



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worf105 its a common problem on the fiesta, ive had it both side on my mk7, i stopped it briefly/improved it by packing any gaps with foam, or you can remove the a pillar trim all together and packing it out with e.g foam before refitting the trim. theres a link below which roughly describes what to do


If you do remove the trim. basically You have to pull the rubber seal back that runs down the A pillar trim and where the door sits, then get your fingers/tool in the gap and pull the trim firmly from the top to the bottom to unclip the trim, be careful not to break the clips although you will need to use some force to get the trim off

Hope this helps :)

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