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Headlight Wiring


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I have a set of oem ish looking black aftermarket head light with built in drl's in the form of halos

The halos replace the sidelights so therefor come on when I switch the sidelights on

Which obviously means to have the halos on during the day, I need to drive round with the rear sidelights in the tail lights turned on, which is annoying and most likely annoys people driving behind me

My question is how would I go about wiring the halos to come on when the ignition is turned on? So they come on automatically when the engine is running and don't have to be turned on with the sidelight switch, and don't have to have the tail lights illuminated to have the halos on.

Am I right in thinking it should be a straight forward job and just a case of tapping the halo wires into an ignition wire? If so, which wire?

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Not sure but could you use a piggyback fuse on the acc fuse? See preee's guide on fitting drl's for the location . Costs me £2.50 from eBay to get one to power up my drl's .

They come on as soon as I press the start button even if I don't actually start the engine , seems like the acc also has a delay which is kinda nice as they stay on for a few seconds after switching the ignition off.

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