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Headlight Adjustment For Fiesta Mk5


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Hi all

I've searched all around and can't find any details on this..

Does anybody know where the adjustment screws/bolts are for the headlights? (both horizontal and vertical) for a Mk5 Fiesta (2000).

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found it, if anyone interested:

look from above straight down above the headlights, you will see two whiteish (plastic) bolts

they fit either a T15 torx driver or allan/hex (maybe 8mm? bigger than 6mm)

if you're working on the passenger side and facing the front of the car, the left screw is for left/right and the other for up/down

sorry, cant remember which direction to turn, but experiment!

these bolts are VERY soft plastic, and chances are the torx will eat into them. if this happens:

take of the grill (two clips on either side, then pull it off) then remove the headlight you are working on (remove three bolts holding the headlight unit

you'll see the white bolts connect to another toothed bolt, this can be turned with an appropriate wrench

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