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Hi all,

I have got myself a 1.6 tdci on a 55 plate, and I must say I love it, I have allways had performance cars in the past put as times have changed I had to get something that would do more than 15 miles to the gallon, however I am thinking of putting a dump valve on her just for my own fun really, just wonderd if it was even possible and if anybody know where I could get one from

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Its "tuning" (MY spelling is always pewefectt) :lol:

A conventional dump valve is a waste of time on a diesel because there are no throttle butterfies in the inlet manifold like a petrol turbo , even modern petrol turbo cars may have recirculating valves and don't need dump valves/ dump valves may loose boost = power

So its only certain types (usually older) of petrol turbo engines that actually benifit from add-on dump valves, for everything else, they are useless

You can get a machine that makes a "hiss"/ dump valve noise when you change gear, its electronic and is not connected to the engine directly, the really good thing about it is you can switch it off

You would be better off getting a remap , then possibly some exhaust mods (a DPF delete if it has one) and a freer- flowing inlet an EGR blanking plate (solid stainless steel) is a good idea too -

Lennys Guide to fitting EGR blanking plate -


Before anyone comments on the dump valves in my signature (on a diesel Mondeo) one is an overboost dump valve that "dumps" exess pressure from the inlet manifold if i turn my boost too high or if i have a wastegate/ boost control failure, (and is closed/ silent in normal use) and the other "dumps" pressure out of the actuator so the wasegate is closed when i re - open the throttle (after a lift-off or gearchange) this is silent / "dumps" back into the turbo outlet (so ne boost pressure is lost) - niether hiss when changing gear and are different from conventional dump valves

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