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New Owner - Help Please


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Hi All!

We purchased a focus 2ltr on a 'Y' plate yesterday.

Other than a small oil leak it seemed fine initially.

Today we drove the car and upon fairly hard acceleration, and or after 50 mph the car body starts o oscillate. It seems to be coming from the front nearside and I can only describe it as it feels like the wheel is buckled.

There is no problem with the steering wheel which stays motionless and stable.

I have checked the alloy and it seems not to be buckled, but if it was wheel, bearings, etc surely this would show through the steering wheel.

Any help or pointing in a direction would be wonderfull.

Am going to try and cure the oil leak by replacing the cam cover gaskget, and also give it an oil/filter change.

Thanks in advance


MM3 and Mrs MM3

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For future reference to new or existing owners -

The problem was the near side drive shaft. Replacement req.

Local small independant garage did the work for £178 inc vat

Regards MM3

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