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Replacement Key Fob - Ford Focus Mk 1


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I have a Focus Mk 1. The boot button is broken on my key remote fob. I have seen in the Focus owners manuel that a new key can be re-programmed so thats fine however I am thinking about getting a new key from eBay get it cut and then program it to work.

Is it this easy? Has anyone else had this issue?

This is a link to the key being sold on eBay:



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Just transfer your blade (horseshoe) and immobiliser chip to a new fob and then programming it to your central locking takes seconds.

The immobiliser chip is a small glass tube which is obvious when you remove the horseshoe, it sits in a rubber sleeve and pushes out with a small screwdriver.

That key you linked to will be fine as a donor for the CL circuit.

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You only actually need the side that has the RCL circuit board on it as the transponder chip is on the battery side.


Circuit in it's location-


The transponder chip for reference so you know what to look for inside the key-


How to dismantle the key-


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Thanks guys. I have looked at the key and can get it out fine. I have also looked in the owners manual and it only says about key coding but not how to program the central locking. Any ideas?

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You can put the key in the ignition and switch it on and off 3 (or 5) times (cant remember) that puts the car into learning mode, then you press a button on the key and that trains the car to use that key.

You may also need two keys (programming key, and normal key) so that you can program the key to the car if its an additional one.

Where abouts in the Garden of England are you?

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Thanks for both your help. I have click link to link throughout the web and found it.

James you were pretty close.

The link and details are below for future reference.

Thanks Guys!!!

FORD Focus (Radio 3 Button) - Key Remote Programming

1. Switch Ignition On/Off (II/0) 4 times within 6 secondsuntil a sound is made.

2. Press any button on Remote until a sound is made.

3. To program additional Remotes, repeat after 2 seconds after the sound.

4. Turn Ignition On/Off to exit.

5. A maximum of 4 remotes can be programmed.



And to program the key to start the car follow intrusions in the Ford owners manuel

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