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Lumpy Tickover On Focus Mk1

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Hi Guys

just a quick one. I have a 1999 Focus and the tickover is lumpy when the engine is warm. I've read elsewhere that this can be caused by a leak in the breather hose at the front of the engine below the inlet manifold, but having checked this it seems to be fine. Car runs really well otherwise. Anything else I should be looking for, as the MOT is due soon and I don't want to fail on emissions. Also the speedo occasionally drops to zero for a few seconds then recovers. Instrument pack was changed a while back before I got the car and all the other guages seem fine.



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Welcome to the forums!

I would say that the likelyhood is an issue with the a split or crack in a breather hose. Check all the rubber hoses you can to see if there is any issues there.

I would say also it sounds like you have the well known speedo fault! There was an issue with the MK1, where Ford did a recall, and a special "discounted" rate of £99.00 but its unlikely that they will still honor this - its always worth asking though!

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