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Parking Sensors

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Hi there,

Last weekend i put a small deposit down on an 08 S Max which i'm looking forwards to picking up next weekend. However, there are a couple of things that are concerning me:

1. Having reversed to park up the beeping from the parking sensors did not stop automatically once the vehicle was stationary and in neutral. The dealer says you have to switch the sensors off manually (with the button on the dash) once youve parked. is this correct ?

2. a creaking sound started to develop somewhere near the rear offside about 2 miles into the test drive. we pulled over to check for any obvious visible signs from the outside but couldnt see anything. When we pulled off again the noise had gone and didnt come back for the rest of the test drive (another 2 - 3 miles). Are there any common issues that spring to mind with anybody on here ? Dealer says they will get it checked out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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Springs creaking may just be because the car has been sat a while but could be something else so make sure they are checking it properly.

Never heard of Ford fitted sensors not self cancelling, the system should be connected to the reverse light circuit, not in reverse-no signal.

Don't accept the vehicle until you're 100% satisfied and don't let them say they'll sort it out later on.

Dealers will offer you the earth to sign on the line and then shaft you by denying they ever said they would do something.

If you do take posession with outstanding work make darn sure it's in writing or walk away.

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remember under the sale of goods act you have 28 days to reject the car or insist the supplying dealer rectifys all/any problems.

this has nothing to do with any warranty they may give/sell you.

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Sounds like an aftermarket set of sensors if you ask me. But the bushings could be the squeak that you here.

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