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I currently have a pinky type of colour in the antifreeze tank which is running quite low. After going to ford to buy a 1 litre top up they provided me with super plus premium which is a more light browny colour. The ford worker advised they recently changed the colour to suit all in engines made in the last 10 years. I've always been advised not to mix different colours. But when ford are telling its fine its should be fine right??

I have a 1.8tdci ghia 56 plate. Please can someone re assure me....

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Wish i could mate pink with pink all ford including my mk1 had pink stuff ide be more interested in why its low ive never had to top coolant up since its a sealed system it shouldnt run down

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Hello and welcome to the forum

The two different types are organic, or non organic, traditionally, usually one type was pink and the other blue, but apparently they can be any colour (the colour may just by dye, that is added)

Yes, find out why it is low, keep an eye on it, you may have a leak

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