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Focus Mk1 Code For Getting Keys Cut

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Hi im sure this has been asked before but I cant seem to find the topic anywere.

i only have one key for my car, this key is really really worn so worn that a copy cannot be taken from it,

it does not operate the doors anymore and ignition will soon follow im sure,

iv never had the small tag that normally comes with keys from new,

would ford give me this code if i took my logbook in free of charge so that i can go and get it cut,

or is there somewhere on the car that this code is printed,

hope one of you guys can help thanks,

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A good auto locksmith should be able to use a tool to take the code from your lock barrels.

Usually the best ones to read are least used ones like bonnet or boot.

The tool is inserted into the lock and each spline is turned until the lock opens then the code is read from the tool.

It may also be possible to ask at the service counter of your local Ford dealer, they're pretty good at reading keys.

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I have my sources ;)

It's surprising how many times i've come across people locked out of cars/locked keys in etc.

It is extremely easy to open cars that use tibbe keys, a locksmith can do it in 10 seconds, i've managed it in 30.

Once you've seen it done a couple of times it's a doddle.

Sometimes even a quick search of the internet yields a wealth of info.

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Hi all. Sorry I'm new here. I think that many heads are way better than one so here goes......Tommy dj70.......i have only one key with remote fob i wanted at least one spare key to get into the car and after research locksmith I took my worn out key etc to Timpsons. Was only a kiosk in the mall but looked at my key. Cut new key and charged 10 quid. Worked perfectly. Said can supply new key and fob 40 quid or new key and fob and transducer thing for The fob includes the circuit chip thing as well. Ford wanted 65 just for a key cut!!! Hope this adds to your options pal....

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