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What's This Part Of Engine? Rattling

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I've had a rattle in my engine for a while now, I think it's getting worse, I have a video below (just click on image) of where its coming from within the engine, what is this part of engine and does it sound normal or bad?

Ignore the high idling engine, this is because I started it from cold as that's when the rattle is at its peak


Your help is appreciated

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I did post up before but still have not got round to take to garage, could it be a belt tensioner or alternator bearing running dry?

Could I spray WD40 into this part of engine to see if noise reduces?

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It could be either, but of the two I wouldn't be tempted to use WD40 on the alternator.

The timing belt tensioners have been known to fail, resulting in catastrophic engine damage, I know it happened to me, (16 valves and a new head), and even then it never ran right afterwards.

This needs sorting as soon as possible, just in case it is the timing belt tensioner

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Thanks hubby, would you recommend I take it to Ford or a general garage?

If it is the timing chain tensioner should the rattle remain all the time? Reason I ask is because the rattle stops after a minute of driving and when the engine has warmed up.

I did a search online as I thought it could be a stretched chain but no one seemed to have suffered this so it can't be a common fault

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Take it to a ford approved garage, I would recommend scc performance but depends how far that its for u as car will be better to have recovered anywhere incase some fails completely

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No it does not get louder when rev'd, the noise goes funnily when the engine warms up, about after a minute of driving.

Sounds nothing like that video either, think that's a good thing, that sounds nasty :s

SCC is not near me unfortanetely, there is not a Ford specialist near by to me, I'm in Gravesend, Kent

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