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Problem With My 1.25 Fiesta Zetec Climate !


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Hi guys !

I have a 1.25 fiesta 05 plate and some time while my car is idling its a bit shaky but sometimes it's fine I've had new plugs and a new coil pack fitted which hasn't made any difference any ideas ?

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i have a mk4 fiesta and i have the same problem my engine struggles to run the air conditioning

i have heard its common on little engines for the revs to drop while the air con is on

if its really bad i would say it get it seen to but if its only a little i would live with it!

hope this helped

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If you've had new coils and plugs it sounds to me like your engine mounts are worn/done. Try taking it to a garage or popping the bonnet and looking around the engine.

Hope this helps

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