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Few Problems With My Focus

Danny Sayer

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I have a Ford Focus YR58BXD and need a few problems looking at:-

1. Vibration when idle and also when turning engine off whole car shakes. Been told its most likely a engine mount need replacing.

2. When on motorway a vibration through whole car floor. Not sure if its related to problem 1.

3. Had 3 sets and pads replaced on car over a period of a year and half. They all seem to warp and the brakes don't feel right. When I brake hard steering wheel pulls to left/right so something wrong with brakes.

4. When I accelerate sometimes car pulls to left or right.

5. Replace Fuel Filter.

I have replaced all 4 alloys and tyres with new ones that are balanced aswell so they are not the vibration problem.

Also had 4 wheel laser alignment.

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the car needs booked into a dealers the brakes are dangerous like that it can be a faulty caliper sticking hence the warping and vibration at speed or a worn or failed wheel bearing

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Have a look at the lower wishbone bushes, if they're worn they can cause the wandering under acceleration and braking, this in turn will effect the steering geometry causing uneven tyre wear.

There is also the possibility it might effect the brake and disk wear as well

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