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Mk3 Focus Door Edge Protectors.

Loz Cheung

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Evening all!

After nearly half a year of having these things, my drivers side one finally packed up today.

It seemed to give up on life as i shut the door and dented the passenger door behind it. Oh the irony!


Not trying to put the fear factor on people who have these :lol: but just thought a warning might be useful for those that do! The sodding mechanism afterwards was then doing the complete opposite to its purpose by trying to pop out when the door was closed - therefore jamming it so i couldnt open it!

Eventually with a bit of force and fiddling, it just snapped off.

So now its back to Ford to shove this useless piece of plastic up their.....


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Loz i bet your gutted , and thats a nasty place for a dent , i had small dent on one of my doors from a kind parking person , i used my phone screen sucker and placing it on there and pulling several times managed to pull the dent out , but Ford should repair the dent anyway as the faulty part caused it.

Let us know how you get on.

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i never put the 2 together! nice to know my sat nav one will have a possible secondary use - Cheers for that :)

But yeah, took the car in and the guy was completely unphased by it and just went "ahhh yeah, we've seen a few of these already. that'll be a warranty claim!" as he drew the circle onto the diagram on his form <_<

if any paint came off then it would be an even bigger ball ache but as it was "just" a dent, it would be a lot more straight forward.

The novelty of these things have well and truely gone haha

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From the look of it the mechanism has failed during its retract phase as if u look and close the door slowly the protector comes out further than needed then folds back to the door on opening and on closing the protector does the reverse so the hinge inside the door must have jammed as its moved away.

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no definitely, i am glad they didnt react to it differently!!

I couldnt say im afraid at this moment in time why these things are failing, i can only guess that since the drivers door is used the most frequently, it would be the one to fail first.

I didnt know whether to laugh or yell when it wouldnt shut.. then subsequently locked me in when it eventually did!

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